Data Analyst (Contract)


We are looking for a passionate certified Data Analyst. The successful candidate will turn data into information, information into insight and insight into business decisions.

  • The role supports business and cross-competency teams to interpret data, analyze results, develop and implement databases along with defining new process improvement opportunities.
  • The focus is on data analytics, optimize data quality and refinement of data strategy,supporting business stakeholders to prioritize business and information needs.

Key Accountabilities


  • Working with relevant business teams to establish business needs.
  • Interpretation of data and analysis thereof employing statistical techniques
  • Developing and implementing of databases, data collection systems and data analytics that optimize overall data quality
  • Acquisition of data from primary or secondary data sources ensuring databases/ data systems are maintained
  • Defining new data collection and analysis processes
  • Identification and analysis of patterns and trends in complex data sets
  • Filter and “clean” data by reviewing computer reports, printouts, and performance indicators to locate and correct code problems
  • Locating and defining new process improvement opportunities

Delivery and Support

  • Working alongside teams within the business or the management team to establish business requirements
  • Communicate and work closely, where necessary. with project and solution team to assure that requirements are correctly understood and implemented
  • Make recommendations to the business team on methods in which a company obtains and analyses data to improve quality and the efficiency of data systems

Monitor & Evaluate

  • Utilise data analysis toolsets to mine data from primary and secondary sources
  • Identifying, analyzing, and interpreting trends or patterns in complex data sets
  • Ensure that requirements and models meet the needed quality to effectively guide further work
  • Ensures that all requirements support the delivery of business value, fulfill goals and objectives, and meets a stakeholder need.
  • Evaluate trends and analyse adoption of new processes and tools in data analysis

Education and Experience Required

  • Degree or Diploma in computer science, information management or Statistics, compulsory.
  • Minimum of 3 years experience as a Data Analyst
  • Technical expertise with data models
  • Strong experience with databases (e.g. SQL)
  • Strong experience with reporting packages (e.g. Business Objects)
  • Strong experience in programming (e.g. Javascript, XML)
  • Strong knowledge in statistics and experience with statistical packages to analyze datasets (SPSS, SAS, R or Python-Statistical Programming, Excel, etc.)
  • Expertise in Stakeholder Management.

Knowledge & Skills

  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills, giving attention to detail and accuracy when applying ability to collect, organize and distribute significant and potentially complex data sets
  • Data visualization
  • Machine learning
  • Results orientation
  • Critical Thinking
  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Good Listener
  • Team player – approachable, ability to share and consult others
  • The ability to adapt to the requirements of the project, the needs of the sponsors, its environment and people working on it to ensure a successful outcome
  • Good organizing capability
  • Strong facilitation, negotiation and conflict resolution skills
  • People management skills


  • Analysing
  • Delivering Results & meeting customer expectations
  • Presenting & Communicating Information
  • Learning & Research
  • Coping with pressure & setbacks
  • Working with people

Contract length

  • 3-6 months

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