Data Scientist (Contract)


We are looking for a passionate certified Data Scientist. The successful candidate will turn data into information, information into insight and insight into business decisions.

  • The Data Scientist is to support business teams to organize and analyze large amounts of data, often using software specifically designed for the task with the final results being easy enough for all stakeholders to understand.
  • The work of the Data Scientist includes translating business goals into data-based deliverables such as prediction engines, pattern detection analysis, optimization algorithms and similar.
  • The role supports business stakeholders to prioritize business and information needs.

Key Accountabilities

The Data Scientist is accountable for:

  • Formulating and leading guided, multifaceted analytic studies against large volumes of data.
  • Interpreting and analyzing data using exploratory mathematical and statistical techniques based on the scientific method.
  • Coordinating research and analytic activities utilizing various data points (unstructured and structured) and employ programming to clean, massage, and organize the data.
  • Experimenting against data points, provide information based on experiment results and provide previously undiscovered solutions to command data challenges.
  • Developing methodology and processes for prioritization and scheduling of projects.
  • Analyzing problems and determines root causes.
  • Building predictive models and machine learning algorithms.
  • Presenting information using data visualization techniques.

Delivery and Support

  • Works closely with all business units and engineering teams to develop strategy for long term data platform architecture.
  • Propose solutions and strategies to business challenges
  • Identify valuable data sources and automate collection processes
  • Leads all data experiments tasked by the business
  • Coordinates with Data Engineers to build data environments providing data identified by Data Analysts, Data Integrators and Knowledge Managers.
  • Collaborate with cross functional teams, e.g. engineering and product development teams

Monitor & Evaluate

  • Analyze large amounts of information to discover trends and patterns
  • Identifying, analyzing, and interpreting trends or patterns in complex data sets
  • Ensure that requirements and models meet the needed quality to effectively guide further work
  • Ensures that all requirements support the delivery of business value, fulfill goals and objectives, and meets a stakeholder need.
  • Evaluate trends and analyze adoption of new processes and tools in data analysis.

Education and Experience Required

  • Degree or Diploma in Computer Science, Engineering, or relevant field.
  • A degree in Data Science or another quantitative field will be highly advantageous.
  • Proven experience as a Data Scientist, minimum of 3 years experience
  • Experience in data mining
  • Demonstrated experience applying data science methods to real-world data problems
  • Experience utilizing visualization tools to take advantage of the growing volume of available information
  • Experience with using business intelligence tools (e.g. Tableau) and data frameworks (e.g. Hadoop)
  • Proficient with one or more programming languages (Java, C++, Python, R, SQL etc.)
  • Strong knowledge in statistics and experience with statistical packages to analyze datasets (SPSS, SAS, R or Python-Statistical Programming, Excel, etc.)
  • Expertise in Stakeholder Management.

Knowledge & Skills

  • Advanced analytical knowledge of data
  • Conducting big data analysis
  • Data conditioning
  • Programming advanced computing
  • Developing algorithms
  • Developing software and data models
  • Executing predictive analytics
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills, giving attention to detail and accuracy when applying ability to collect, organize and distribute significant and potentially complex data sets
  • Data visualization
  • Understanding of machine-learning and operations research
  • Strong math skills


  • Analytical mind with good business acumen
  • Delivering Results & meeting customer expectations
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Learning & Research
  • Coping with pressure & setbacks
  • Working with people
  • Results orientation
  • Critical Thinking
  • Good Listener
  • Team player – approachable, ability to share and consult others
  • Good organizing capability
  • Strong facilitation, negotiation and conflict resolution skills
  • People management skills

Contract length

  • 3-6 months

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